Drunk Theory

Back in University I had a plethora of social issues, and made bad decisions that make me cringe to this day. I am happy that I no longer recognize the person I was, and have made positive and healthy steps to being a better person.

What did stand the test of time and growth however, was my Drunk Theory.

This Theory has, for myself anyway, 100% success.

The idea is that should you find yourself and an individual you trust (for the most part), going through a will they won’t they scenario, you get drunk alone together.

I believe my first experiment with this lead my partner and I to first start dating.
Evan and I had been friends for 3 years, and best friends for 2 of those 3. We had recently realized that we might have feelings for each other, but weren’t sure we would be able to bypass our friendship ways, awkwardness, or if the feelings simply came from prolonged familiarity.
I suggested that he and I spend a night drinking for the following reason.

1. Your guard goes down.

You aren’t thinking about saying the right thing, and you aren’t letting your brain over think every little thing. I tend to start thinking things like, “Oh Lord does that look mean my breath smells bad? What do I do if we are about to kiss and I have to fart?”
If I’m drinking those those are toned down to:
“My hands feel fuzzy.”

2. You both will do and say stupid things.

If one of you is prone to foot in mouth syndrome, or you normally watch what you say like a hawk? Then this Theory is worth considering.
When you’re drinking your both going to be saying weird things and being clumsy, no need to feel self conscious (Don’t get drunk to the point of vomiting on the person or crying hysterically, just like a happy buzzed). You can just relax.

3. Your emotions are a lot more apparent 

What’s that saying?
Drunk words are sober thoughts.
So when you are with someone, there are the emotions unfiltered streaming through, and you aren’t going to over think them. That was a big thing with Evan and I, I tend to over think things, and he is a very cautious person, so we weren’t sure what are legitimate feelings were past our hesitancies.

Overall, this theory has always worked for me, and that first evening of Drunk Theory with my significant other, I will remember for the rest of my life.
To think, 4 years later, and he’s still my favorite drinking buddy.

Obviously this theory should never be practiced with someone you’ve just met or don’t trust, because there is danger there.
I have used this to help smooth out friendships, and have had friends use this in their own lives, and have thereafter told me of their success.

You just need to make sure you don’t overdo it, that you are both at the same level of drunk, and that you are both practicing Drunk Theory for the same purpose.







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