Momentary Mood Boosters

As a Mediocre person, I share a lot of commonalities with the general population (go figure), and just like my fellow Middleman (woman?), I struggle on a regular basis with staying positive.

I have your stereotypical depression and anxiety history. Not that I mean to trivialize it, but it is a lot more common than people originally thought when these diagnoses started popping up. This means of course, that my staying relatively upbeat on occasion requires extra effort (Ugh. Effort).

Therefore, due to the fact that I am currently experiencing one of those unpleasant lows where all I want to do is binge watch TV and movies, and not leave the house or be productive…
I figured I should write about all the things that give myself (and most likely billions of others) a mood elevator.

1. Clean Sheets Clean Body

One of my instant mood boosters, is when the bathing cycles of my sheets and my body coincide, and I climb into bed with that oh-so-delicious clean cozy feeling. You smell good, your sheets smell good, nothing but good vibes here.

2. Prepare To Meet Your Craving

When you settle down after a long day, and tuck in to a meal that you have been craving for hours, days, or weeks. It is satisfactory on so many levels. Partly because you had to wait to have it, partly because Nachos/Pizza/Ice Cream/ Other junk food, is always amazing.

3. Bills Bills Bills

When you get a bill, or are at the checkout lane, and discover: Surprise!
It’s lower than you thought it would be! For someone like myself who has to budget like a crazy person, finding out something costs less is an automatic win!

4. Helping Hand

Maybe it’s your partner, a friend, a parent, or a kind civilian; but there is something you are dreading doing (like cleaning your disaster of a kitchen or taking out the garbage that weighs a disgusting tonne), you come home to discover it has already been done for you. You could weep tears of joy that you don’t have to worry about that one particular thing for that moment, and feel like a lucky person to have such thoughtful people around you.

5. Let’s Get Physical

In the interest of keeping this post relatively tame, let’s just stick with any desired human contact is a nice thing!

6. Scale It Back

When you step on the scale expecting that you gained weight, or stayed the same weight, but in fact discover you lost weight.
Maybe you’ve been working your butt off, or maybe just trying to eat a little bit better, or maybe you did nothing at all and lost weight (Lucky turd). Amazing feeling. This often leads to happy thing #2 from above.

7. Fuzzy Things

Whether it be kittens, puppies, or maybe you like hairy men- seeing something adorable, soft, and fuzzy in person is an automatic mood changer. Pictures don’t usually cut it- you have to be able to actually snuggle the bodiddily out of some cute creatures.

The best mornings of my life were helping feed baby foster kittens (And I mean- we’re talking 5 weeks old). Having that amount of cute bundles of fluff all over me… I don’t think anything can beat it.

8. Has Anyone Ever Told You…?

When a stranger (not a creeper) gives you an unexpected compliment. They don’t want anything from you, they will never see you again, and there is no reason for them to lie. I recently had someone tell me I was highly intelligent. I mean, they’re wrong, but it still made my day!

9. Sleep Of The Dead

When you don’t have ANYTHING happening the next day, and can either drink to your heart’s content the night before, or just relish in the fact that there isn’t an alarm being set. You are free as a bird to do whatever you want. Hallelujah!

10. Turn It Up

Finding a new song that you love, and listen to on repeat, making everyone around you hate it forever.

Doesn’t matter though, your heart is soaring with shared feelings for the melody or the lyrics. If you listen to it with headphones? Even. Freaking. Better.

This is one of my favourite positive mood changers that I get to have happen over and over again. Assuming I live long enough to hear more new music. If I listen to the Moana soundtrack one more time, my neighbours might kill me.


Well that concludes the list for now. I’m sure I could have easily cranked out dozens more for this list, but this is all I can come up with given my relatively bleak mood (I blame work). Hopefully, thinking about some of these helped remind some of you of the faint dots of light in dark times. Most likely not, but hey, I can try.

Now off to bed, because sadly #9 is not in my future tomorrow.


Take care everyone!






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