Mediocres: It’s A Thing


A realization I feel like I have come to more recently, is that I am not particularly good at anything. Not in a defining way like so many other people I know. However, I think what I am coming to see, is that I am an ordinary person surrounded by extraordinary people, and coming to terms with that is biting. I compare it to tart grapes; probably good for me, but would be easier to take if alcohol was added.

My significant other is incredibly intelligent and has a way of logically understanding numbers and procedures. I get held up when asked what is 8×7.

Both my best friends are musically educated, and gifted. I failed to pursue my musical education because I wasn’t sure that was really what I burned to do.

Don’t even get me started on my family of gifted scientists and writers.

I lack discipline and any detail-orientation, just take a look at my 3 separate started and stopped crooked craft projects and the grammar of this blog. Despite my attempts to overcome these shortcomings, overcoming them would involve being disciplined and detail-oriented. Oh well. I shall remain a headache for my my poor perfectionist mother. 

My father was telling me recently that the comparison game is a dangerous one, but when you are expected to participate in society, you have to learn the standards and expectations by examining others around you. In other words, how do I measure up against the insanely wealthy successful people, and the local junkie. I’m better off not getting an answer from someone that isn’t myself, the sting of my mediocrity is still real on my end. 

I don’t mean to complain, I really don’t. I intend to use this blog to find my own happy niche while embracing the new reality; I am not that special. I like rom-coms, I have a BA, I own a cat, am in a 4 year relationship, I’m an introvert, and I like big sweaters. I can hear the mental yawns from here.

So I shall explore the areas of life such as my half-assed attempt at crafting, pet ownership, gardening, cooking, being in a healthy adult relationship, lack of basic social skills, and the most frightening of all; my career. Here’s hoping for some enlightenment on where I best fit in to this over-populated, over-stimulated world. Blogging isn’t the real world, so maybe it’ll bode better for me. If anything, other Mediocres (I’m making it a thing), can laugh along, those better than me can continue being condescending or taking the high road and simply not commenting, and I can continue discovering what being a ‘Mediocre’ truly means. 

My next blog topic:

Cat Ownership- The Pros and Cons (A mediocre article, from a mediocre person)










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